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How to integrate LEGA in chest physiotherapy interventions?


Determine the problematic segments of the lungs by auscultation



Mobilize secretions in one or more lung segments to the central airways by placing the patient in a gravity-assisted position. When secretions are moved from the smaller to the larger airways, they are then cleared by coughing or suctioning

The main function of LEGA Ace is to provide percussion and vibration treatment for those who suffer from flu and coughs with phlegm, mucus in their lung.

LEGA Ace is handheld portable electronically controlled mechanism consisting of a main housing, speed selection button and other peripherals such as battery charger and rechargeable battery pack.


LEGA Ace comes with 2 cups cover and padded covers made of protein free silicone material. These 2 cups with padded covers are disposable after a single patient use if so desired. A thin protector / cover made of protein free material is used to cover the front surface of the LEGA Ace where it comes in contact with patient’s body or skin, to prevent cross contamination. This thin protector / cover is also meant for single patient use only .


A12V DC motor is used to control the movement of these 2 cups that move vertically for generating resonance waves when it touches human body. A small 12V 1500 MAH battery pack is being used to control the speed of the DC motor thru a pre programmed PCB chip set. When the power is turn on, the device start with lowest speed with is approx 300 RPM. The speeds range from 300 to 800 PRM.


LEGA Ace has auto mode and manual mode. In manual mode, user can choose any speed between RPM 300 to PRM 800 and maintain that speed for the entire 15 min cycle. User can switch between auto mode and manual mode during the 15 min cycle time.

In auto mode, the speeds cycle starts from RPM 300 for first 20 sec and increases to RPM 300 for next 20 sec and goes on until it reaches the highest speed of RPM 800 as one complete speed cycle. The cycle will be repeated for 15 min

Administering LEGA Ace


  • Hold LEGA as shown

  • Power on LEGA by pressing the ON/OFF button .

  • LEGA starts with Manual mode at lowest speed at RPM 300 

  • Starts the treatment or suggested use of LEGA as shown in pic-g and pic-h (or you may refer to standard Postural Drainage positions).

  • LEGA can be powered off at any time (less than 15 min) during the treatment by pressing ON/OFF button for 5 sec.

  • LEGA can be powered on again by pressing ON/OFF button and a new cycle starts again for 15 min.

We are updating our digital User Manual. Please contact us if you require any additional information

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