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Innovative Products to relief Breathing Difficulties

Medical Device Manufacturer for People with Breathing Difficulties

LEGA is our cutting-edge medical device that revolutionises the way we treat respiratory conditions. Our automated hand percussion technology is designed to help patients with breathing difficulties like COPD by loosening and removing mucus from the lungs. With regular use, LEGA can provide significant relief from respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. If you're looking for a safe, effective, and innovative way to manage your respiratory symptoms, try LEGA today.

How LEGA Works

How LEGA Works

LEGA® our signature and revolutionary medico-technical innovation combines core engineering principles and smart technology with proper sanitization procedures to ensure simple, safe and supremely efficient respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

We help patients suffering from COPD, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Cystic Fibrosis and other general lung diseases breath better by using is an innovative portable handheld device called LEGA.

LEGA is an electronically controlled medical device for effecting percussion and vibrations to a patient’s predetermined chest area. The amplified vibration waves generated by LEGA loosens the thick mucus plugs which block the air passages especially in weak patients with lung infection. Then, the cough reflex will expel the harmful debris clearing the congested lung of obstructive mucous secretions and thick phlegm usually associated with breathing

LEGA creates an effective resonance wave that travels thru the patient’s chest wall and helps loosen the obstructive mucous secretion and thick phlegm around the respiratory system, it aids the patient to expel obstructive mucous secretions from the air passages in the lung.

LEGA is patented and clinically proven in both public and private healthcare facilities

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Painless & Easy to use

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Experience Unmatched Medical Innovation

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Painless & Easy to use

LEGA ACE can be used by patients from 20kgs and above to augment percussing treatment usually done by a physio therapist or a skilled healthcare provider. LEGA ACE is highly portable and can be self-operated by the patient or a caregiver with minimal training. LEGA ACE enables patients to increase the frequency of percussing treatment to ease breathing difficulties

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LEGA KID is specifically design for younger patients from 2 months old to 5 years old. (below 20Kgs). LEGA KID is designed based on the similar principals of LEGA ACE with a more delicate and physically smaller patient in mind. LEGA KID can be used to augment percussing treatment usually done by a physio therapist or a skilled healthcare provider. LEGA KID is highly portable and can be self-operated by the patient or a caregiver with minimal training. LEGA KID enables patients to increase the frequency of percussing treatment to relief breathing difficulties

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Customers and Medical Practitioners' Stories about LEGA

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Clinically Proven and Used By Caregivers

LEGA has been a crucial tool for caregivers both at home and in healthcare settings. Traditional manual hand percussing is a labor-intensive task that can be physically and mentally draining, limiting the number of patients a skilled caregiver can attend to in a day. LEGA offers a user-friendly solution that can be operated by patients or caregivers with minimal oversight and training. This innovation liberates valuable time for skilled caregivers to focus on more critical treatments. Additionally, LEGA enables more frequent percussing treatments, aiding patients in alleviating respiratory discomfort and enhancing their medium-term health outlook.

LEGA is used in most major Private and Public healthcare facilties in Malaysia and in the region

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Our Team

Our Team

Since our inception, we have consistently delivered high quality medical devices that are innovative and effective. Our patient-focused approach has allowed us to provide solutions that are intuitive and function seamlessly in any clinical setting. Our mission is to make a difference in patient care and we are committed to making significant contributions towards the advancement of healthcare technology. At Formedic, we believe that the future of healthcare rests on ground-breaking medical devices, and our experienced team is working hard to make this a reality.


Formedic Technologies Sdn Bhd consists of a multidisciplinary team of  Medical Doctors ,Mechanical engineers and software engineers. Both teams are headed by Mr Zim Ng, Datuk Dr Teoh Siang Chin and Dr Shahbodin Sarik (Medical Advisor). Formedic Technologies Sdn Bhd has been actively involved in medical and manufacturing sectors including automation and standard medical equipment industries as well as product development industries.

Zim Ng
Founder- Managing Director

Mr Ng started his career as Product Engineer, Plastic Mold Designer and CNC programmer for consumer electronic products in Malaysia. Prior to this, he had spent more than 6 years in a US mechanical design software company holding several regional technical positions and 8 years in B&W soft in Germany as consulting director. He has gained sound knowledge and skills over the years in product design management for both electronic and medical industry

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Datuk Dr Teoh Siang Chin
Medical Advisor

Dr Teoh is medical advisor to Formedic Tech. As a former  state director in the Ministry of Health Malaysia and CEO of Clinical Research Malaysia, he provides guidance on strategic initiatives and healthcare trends in the region coupling  business and healthcare requirements for Formedic Tech


Dr Johannes Weber
Technical Advisor

Dr Johannes Weber is also the co-founder and former CTO of B&W Software, a leading engineering software development company in Germany. Johannes is the technical advisor for software development and mechanical systems in Formedic Tech harnessing his many years experience in Mechanical design & software development


Dr Haji Mohamad Shahbodin Bin Sarik Medical Advisor

Dr Shah obtained his M.D from University Science Malaysia. He served as medical officer in Ipoh and Seri Manjung in various field of medicine and was later appointed as medical lecturer at USM Hospital. He was posted to Westmead’s Children Hospital in Sydney Australia and served in KPJ Bukit Mertajam as a Pediatrician Consultant and a Pediatric Cardiologist. He is now serving at Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani as Pediatric Consultant and Pediatric Cardiologist since Jan 2011.

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