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Handbook of Children Palliative Care

Attending the 1st National Conference of Children Palliative care have given Formedic Technology a good insight on the work done by dedicated and passionate professionals in this area of healthcare in Malaysia. Our contribution to this industry withLEGA Ace and LEGA Kid device is dwarfed by the contributions of the caregiver community and professionals. They serve as the backbone of Palliative care in Malaysia.

They have been the inspiration for the development of LEGA Ace and LEGA Kid; to reduce the physical (and sometimes emotional) strain of caregiving at home and in hospitals. Chest percussion being one of the critical path in secretion management for patients (young and old) suffering from COPD is a physically demanding therapy for the caregiver or the physiotherapist. With the use of LEGA Ace and LEGA Kid, caregivers can administer this therapy comfortably and more frequently to the patients as the device is convenient to use with minimal effort.

With the closing of the 1st Conference, we come back to our development lab in Northern Malaysia inspired to develop more solutions for this area of healthcare. In our recent findings, we stumbled upon a handbook by the Malaysia Ministry of Health on Children's Palliative Care we have made it a free downloadable pdf resource in our resources page . Feel free to have a look.

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